Hydrogen in Industry and Business

The working group Hydrogen in Industry and Business deals with the technological and economic effects of hydrogen on material and energetic processes. Corresponding questions are identified, solutions and synergies are shown and corresponding effects are discussed.

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Anger

Hydrogen offers enormous potential to act as an important building block for implementing the ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions caused by fossil feedstocks. Irrespective of this, the fact that fossil raw materials are finite will lead to their scarcity in the long term and thus to a decarbonization of industry and commerce, which will require the prompt implementation of technologically and economically viable alternatives due to lengthy transformation processes.

The aim of the working group "Hydrogen in Industry and Business" is the transfer and creation of knowledge and R&D results on technological and economic aspects of the use of hydrogen in existing material and energy processes.

The working group is to address in particular interested parties who stand apart from the topics of fuel cells, electrolysis and hydrogen mobility and who do not yet feel involved due to their entrepreneurial orientation.

This is where the working group comes in: To show potentials for the material and energetic use of hydrogen as well as to convey details/basics in order to be able to develop fact-based hydrogen-based strategies for the future. The content will address the areas of production and storage, transport, material and energetic use as well as comprehensive basic research.

Issues that will be addressed in the working group:

    • What does hydrogen use mean economically for my company?

    • How can I integrate hydrogen into my process?

    • To what extent will my process be influenced by hydrogen?

    • Who supports me in the integration?

    • Which technical solutions are available or when will they be available?

    The knowledge currently available on the subject of hydrogen through many channels does not cover everything, especially with regard to the large number of individual processes. The working group is intended to exchange relevant information and initiate cooperations for the formation of value chains and R&D topics.

    Participation in the working group:

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    This working group activity is carried out in the context of the project Innovation Cluster "Wasserstoffland Sachsen" and is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Saxon Parliament.

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