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One of the central demands of the ENERGY SAXONY network is the clear anchoring of the sustainability aspect in all energy issues considered. The concept of a circular economy is more topical than ever: It is increasingly focusing on the bio-based economy, i.e. one based on renewable resources (circular bio-economy), as well as on the long-term preservation of valuable materials (resource-efficient recycling). Energy and material flows must be intelligently designed and linked under the paradigms of energy system transformation and the "green economy". The potential contained in residual materials or by-products offers great opportunities to develop better value chains and to redesign regional economies in a sustainable and independent manner. Examples would include

  • the optimal use of biogenic residual and waste materials, e.g. from food production or agriculture,

  • their conversion into reusable solid or liquid carbon fractions as a starting material for new products,

  • the provision of process energy and energy sources as a by-product from by-product streams,

  • or the recovery of nutrients, such as phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. All actors from the producing, disposal or service industries as well as research are invited to actively use the working group for their own objectives.


The working group Resources, Recycling & Energy strives for the best possible utilisation of by-products, residual materials and waste. The focus is on exchange, networking and cooperation among the players. Intelligent and value-adding processes and services are to be developed and implemented. The participants gain partners and competences and become familiar with a wide range of "good examples".

Within the framework of moderated workshops and events:

  • cooperation partners along the value chain identified (by the owner of material and waste streams, recycler and solution provider) and networked;

  • Forcing the purposeful development and maturation of new ideas (e.g. with methods of design thinking, etc.);

  • Developing clear, results-oriented implementation concepts that will lead to demonstration or pilot projects and functioning business models;

  • Appropriate support concepts are considered from the very beginning, thus accelerating the implementation.

We attach great importance to a target-oriented working method and a creative and open working atmosphere. In the context of the workshops, impulses for specific funding programmes and current calls for proposals are offered:

  • State programmes

  • Federal programmes

  • European funding pools - from Horizon2020 to the attractive SME instrument


Participation in the working group:

Please feel free to contact us. We will inform you promptly about the date of the next working group meeting. We look forward to your registration under:

Working group leaders:

Dr. Christina Peters and Romann Glowacki from the PIC - Pi Innovation Culture GmbH in Leipzig dedicate themselves within the scope of their innovation consultant activity among other things to the topics bioeconomy and recycling management and have taken on the supervision of the working group.

Romann Glowacki
Managing Director Innovation
+49 176 323 698 27

Dr. Christina Peters
Managing Director Subsidies
+49 176 323 698 25 

PIC - Pi Innovation Culture GmbH

Torgauerstr. 116
04374 Leipzig