Energy-Efficient Production

Industrial production is one of the pillars of the German economy. Resource efficiency continues to gain in significance, as it helps increase productivity and strengthen the competitiveness of German production processes.


Hydrogen in Industry and Business

The working group Hydrogen in Industry and Business deals with the technological and economic effects of hydrogen on material and energetic processes and supports companies in integrating this technology into their production processes.


Energy Solutions for Buildings

The working group brings together technical solutions for the design and realization of new buildings with a focus on commercial and industrial properties and takes a holistic approach to sustainable, low-emission and efficient energy supply and an optimal ambient climate in the building.


Circular Economy

Recovering raw material from waste and old plants helps build a circular economy and combat the scarcity of resources in the energy sector. CIRCULAR ECONOMY looks at possibilities to close the material cycle and seeks to establish connections to other working groups where they are convenient.


Energy Storage and Network Services

ENERGY STORAGE AND NETWORK SERVICES focusses on developing storage technology for electricity, heat and chemical products, and complementary services for grid operation and similar applications.


Heat and Refrigeration

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are key factors in protecting the earth's climate and natural resources. Modern heating and cooling technology will help advance these issues in Germany.


Energy technology components

The working group has set itself the task of developing technical solutions for the energy networks so that an affordable energy supply with a high level of security and environmental compatibility can be guaranteed even with the integration of renewable energies and the coupling of electricity and heat generation as well as the integration of the transport sector.



In the ENERGY SAXONY energy cluster, players from industry, science and economic policy pool their capacities and know-how to jointly develop solutions to future issues for securing a sustainable, resource- and climate-friendly energy supply, shaping the heat and mobility transition, and establishing a green economy through circular economy approaches.

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