Energy-efficient Production

The working group is concerned with possibilities of adapting production-related load curves, the increased use of regenerative energy sources and the use of energy storage in supply systems of industrial production.

Mark Richter

Industrial production is one of the most important pillars of the German economy. In order to remain internationally competitive, increases in productivity - especially in energy efficiency - will be unavoidable.

Increases in efficiency can only be achieved if the available resources such as energy and materials are used intelligently. The emerging gap between necessary increases in productivity and increasing scarcity of resources must be closed by increasing efficiency.

The "Energy-efficient Production" working group has therefore set itself the goal of analysing energy flows holistically and implementing energy cycles that are as closed as possible. The challenges here lie above all in identifying the "loss" sources, storing, converting and transmitting energy.

The working group addresses the challenges facing manufacturing companies with regard to energy system transformation. In addition to the adaptation of production-related load curves, this involves the increased use of renewable energy sources and the use of energy storage in supply systems for industrial production. Other focal points are the effects of decentralization and the challenges for production companies as participants in the energy market in future smart grids.

Furthermore, the systems of building, supply and production technology, which have been considered separately up to now, are to be recorded, evaluated and intelligently linked with each other in the future. This is the only way to plan and operate energy and resource flows in production facilities in a holistically efficient manner.

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