The ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT is a network conference bringing together the players of the Saxon energy sector.
It combines keynotes from business, science and politics as well as trend-setting lectures as well as an accompanying company exhibition. At the annual event, trend topics are discussed and innovative technology solutions and services are presented that pave the way to a successful energy and green economy transition.


"Smart Districts: Energy Transition starts at district level"

The future belongs to smart districts. Intelligent coupling of the electricity, heat and mobility sectors at district level enables energy flows to be controlled and optimized. This can save resources, increase efficiency and reduce emissions. At the virtual ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT 2020 on November 12, experts presented outstanding lighthouse projects as well as technology and service offerings that can be used to realize smartly managed districts. The event concluded with a political panel discussion entitled "Economic stimulus package - decarbonization as an economic driver?".

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„Energy-COMMERCE: Market opportunities in the new energy system"

How can innovative business models contribute to the economic viability of climate-friendly technologies? At the 5th ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT with the main topic "Energy-COMMERCE: Market opportunities in the new energy system", around 80 stakeholders from industry and research came together in the Salles de Pologne in Leipzig and discussed, how money can be made already today on the way to an energy supply from 100 % renewable sourcesby by using new technologies and business models  and how regulatory framework conditions could improve the economic viability of the concepts.

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"Smart Green Cities: Green hydrogen for the digitally networked city"

Green hydrogen is considered the energy carrier of the future. In Dresden, the synthesis gas is now also made available for refueling zero-emission hydrogen vehicles at the TOTAL filling station, Wiener Str. 39. What other diverse application possibilities hydrogen and fuel cell technology offer in a digital energy system with coupled sectors were discussed by experts from industry, science and politics on September 18, 2018 at the 4th Energy Saxony Annual Conference at the International Congress Center Dresden.

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18.09.2017 Energy Saxony Summit

„ENERGY thought ahead –
Mobile. Smart. Innovative.“

The automotive industry and the energy sector are facing major changes. How the digital coupling of both sectors can be used as an opportunity was discussed by around 180 experts from industry, science and politics on September 18, 2017 at the 3rd Energy Saxony Annual Conference at Volkswagen's Transparent Factory in Dresden. Under the motto "ENERGY thought ahead - Mobile. Smart. Innovative.", the conference highlighted the convergence of energy and transport systems through digital networking, using illustrative practical examples from industry and research.

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„ENERGY SUPPLY OF THE FUTURE - digital, flexible, climate-neutral“

At the 2nd ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT, around 150 energy experts from business, science and politics discussed the opportunities of 'smart' interconnection for the future power and heat grids at the International Congress Center Dresden on September 27, 2016. In the two expert forums "Energy supply of the future: Smart and decentralized" and "Flexible energy use: Prerequisite for the success of the energy transition", technologies were presented that can be used to make the energy supply digital, flexible, affordable and climate-neutral.

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24.06.2015 Energy Saxony Summit

"Energy technology at your fingertips"

The 1st ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT kicked off on June 24, 2015 at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden under the motto "Energy technology at your fingertips". The network meeting demonstrated the capabilities of research and production of the energy industry players located in Saxony. TESLA enabled test drives in the Model S, Fuel Cell Energy Solutions presented the longest fuel cell stack in the world and the ILK Dresden provided refreshment in a special way. Patron of the 1st annual conference of Energy Saxony e.V. was the Saxon Minister of State for Economy, Labor and Transport, Martin Dulig.