Energy Solutions for Buildings

The working group "Energy Solutions for Buildings" has set itself the task of advancing a holistic approach to the sustainability of buildings while guaranteeing an optimal ambient climate. To this end, the initial focus is on new construction projects in the commercial and industrial property sector.

Energy Saxony bundles a wide range of competences for the design and realisation of modern buildings with a sustainable, low-emission and efficient energy supply. We would like to discuss and implement ideas and technological contributions to the design of concrete projects with you.

Dr. Andreas Wilde

Working Group Leader

People in industrialised countries spend a large part of their time in buildings. The indoor climate that surrounds them therefore has a significant influence on health and well-being and should be taken into account accordingly in planning. Buildings account for about 40% of energy consumption and 30% of CO2 emissions. Energy-efficient supply and operation of buildings is becoming increasingly important in the course of the energy turnaround.

In addition to its function as a classic consumer, the building can also act as a generator by integrating alternative energy sources. The objective of a "climate-neutral" building sector forces us to rethink existing structures. Thus, the development of sustainable energy supply systems for buildings is of particular importance.

Fluctuations in the availability of renewable energies can be compensated for by means of intelligent technology in buildings. Both energy storage and the control of the consumers in the building must be considered accordingly. Well thought-out energy management optimizes energy flows in the building and realizes the highest possible degree of self-sufficiency or grid serviceability.

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