Storage and Grid Services

One of the demands of Energy Saxony as an energy cluster is the transfer of new technologies into practical applications. This is the goal of the working group "Storage and Grid Services" for the electrical, thermal and chemical storage of energy as well as the resulting services for the operation of grids and similar applications.

The transformation of the energy supply towards decentralized structures and volatile generators, coupled with fluctuating demand and continued high requirements for security of supply, is leading to an increased demand for energy storage and other areas of the overall system.

Claudia Hain

Working Group Leader

However, the use of storage is only sustainable if the associated improvement in supply security and the balancing of energy supply and demand over time make sense and are viable from both, an operational and an economic perspective. This requires not only technically and economically competitive storage technologies, especially for grid stability, but also suitable business models and framework conditions.

The working group has set itself the goal of providing impetus for demonstrator projects by networking industry and science, on the basis of which viable business models can be established in the long term. The projects envisaged relate in particular to energy storage systems for grid stability in terms of frequency and voltage, both upstream and downstream of the electricity meter. Furthermore, demonstrators for the improvement of energy efficiency through energy recovery are in the focus of the working group. By means of these projects, the visibility of Saxony as a location for energy storage technologies is to be further improved. Furthermore, the economic and regulatory framework conditions that are necessary for storage technologies to establish themselves successfully on the market will be demonstrated on the basis of these concrete examples. Saxony is already a location for various manufacturers of energy storage systems and is to become a technological pioneer through the activities of the working group. Saxony should benefit from this as a business and science location and at the same time improve the chances of Saxon companies to become active in corresponding markets beyond the region.

The working group will specifically focus on the following technical topics:

  •     Application of energy storage systems for grid stability

  •     Combination of storage concepts

  •     Energy efficiency in industrial plants

Participation in the working group:

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