Storage and Network Services

One of the demands of Energy Saxony as an energy cluster is the transfer of new technologies into practical applications. The working group "Storage and Grid Services" for the electrical, thermal and chemical storage of energy as well as the resulting services for the operation of grids and similar applications aims at this goal.

However, the use of storage facilities is only sustainable if the associated improvement in supply security and the balancing of energy supply and demand over time are both economically and financially sensible and viable. This requires not only technically and economically competitive storage technologies, but above all suitable business models and framework conditions.

The working group has set itself the goal of providing impulses for demo projects through the networking of industry and science, on the basis of which long-term sustainable business models can be built. Through these activities, a better visibility of the existing potential in Saxony in these areas is to be achieved. Furthermore, these concrete examples will be used to show the economic and regulatory framework necessary for storage technologies to establish themselves successfully on the market. Saxony should become a technological pioneer in this field, profit from this as a business and science location and at the same time improve the chances of Saxon companies to become active in corresponding markets on a supra-regional level.