Fuel Cells

The fuel cell industry is experiencing a transition from research and development to the market launch and even series maturity of fuel cell technology. Saxony presents an impressive variety in this respect.

Saxon fuel cells can be used in mobile and portable applications, in power generation plants for single family houses and apartment buildings, even in stationary fuel cell plants.

Fuel cells are a key technology for the energy supply of the future, using different fuels such as biogas and natural gas, landfill gas, propane/butane mixtures and so on. They can also be utilized as storage techonolgy for fluctuating renewable energy through the use of hydrogen.

Members of Energy Saxony work in fundamental research (e.g. regarding SOFC technology), in gas production of the necessary hydrogen, in supply and in construction of crucial testing infrastructur. Based on NT-PEM and MCFC technology, system solutions for stationary energy supply have been developed and are now entering market introduction.

Our members competencies regarding fuel cell technology include:

  • Development and advancement of different fuel cell stacks and technologies

  • Implementation and integration of fuel cell systems

  • Development and production of gas generation systems

  • Implementation and advancement of peripheral and testing components for fuel cell systems

  • Market development, marketing and distribution for fuel cells

  • Sensitization of the economy, the public and politics for this technology