04 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018

Unternehmensreise für die Solarbranche nach Mexiko 4.-10. November 2018

Bis zum 15.10.2018 sind "Bewerbungen" bei der EASME möglich. Die Teilnehmer der ausgewählten KMU tragen nur die Kosten für Visium und Flugkosten.

What are the benefits for SMEs?

Building innovative internationalising SMEs does not happen by chance. Internationalising SMEs often focus on developed markets, such as the US or EU because they offer both a big market to grow the business as well as a seemingly familiar culture. But growing SMEs into businesses with global reach means reaching out to emerging economies. Here, the unfamiliar can feel overwhelming and the potential market more intimidating. Concrete take-aways and added values of the programme:

  • Better understanding of the business culture and consumer needs in Mexico

  • Learning how to do business in Mexico (e.g. communication styles)

  • Intensive training and coaching nuggets on culture and innovation

  • Learning how to innovate your business in Mexico

  • B2B opportunities Insights into the Mexican Climate Change Mid-Century Strategy

Additional benefits

With the support of EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and in consortium, the technopolis group, Hofstede insights and icunet have developed a set of tools to help companies to become more familiar with the business cultures of the Mexican market. This set includes an online library, a training and mentoring package and the actual learning circle in Mexico. This learning circle is organised to help SMEs to create innovation far from home but for the home market.

Beyond that, participants will get the intercultural knowledge about Mexican business culture, visit innovative companies and meet with governmental officials and public sector representatives. A group of 6 to 12 participants from different European companies and countries will form the group of participants.

Why Mexico?

After the liberalisation of the energy market in Mexico, the country did not only attract foreign investments, but also developed some very innovative and competitive technologies in the field of Solar.

Your programme in Mexico:

  • November 04: Arrival in Mexico City

  • November 05: Finding the pulse of the Emerging Market: A day at the German Centre Mexico

  • November 06: Visit the 22nd Annual Mexican Energy Conference

  • November 07: Building Bridges: Company visits

  • November 08: Insight Hunting: Discussions about concrete solar projects

  • November 09: Idea Incubation and Wrap up

  • November10: Departure

    Selection criteria and application process

    Please register under www.cubein.eu to find the application form or get in touch with Maria Menzenbach of icunet. She will provide you with further details on the application process. 25% of the seats in each learning circle are reserved for EEN members and their companies. You are very welcome to get in touch with your local innovation and trade agency and ask about those special seats.

    The application procedure is open until October 15th, 2018.

    Good to know

    Costs Participation is free for selected participants and includes board and lodging as well as all points on the program as well as transporation within Mexico. Only the Visa and the flights to to and back from Mexico must be paid for by the participant. The event is financed by the European Commission Horizon 2020 project. "Capturing Innovation impulses from emerging economies". It is also linked to the following website where more information about culture, business and innovation can be found: www.cubein.eu

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