Heating and Cooling

Around 58 % of the total energy consumption in Germany is accounted for by the provision of heating and cooling. The desired reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of dependence on the import of fossil fuels can only be achieved with efficient heating and cooling generation largely based on renewable resources.

Dr. Mathias Safarik

Working group leader

To ensure competitiveness and for social reasons, future supply must also be cost-effective. For this purpose, a large number of established and new technologies for the generation, storage and distribution of heat and cold are available. These are constantly being further developed by Saxon research institutions and companies and are already being applied today.

The aim of the working group Heating and Cooling is to offer solutions tailored to the respective application and, in particular, to pave the way for innovative and promising processes and products to become widely used. This is done in close cooperation with the working groups Energy Solutions for Buildings, Storage and Network Services and Energy-efficient Production.

Technical Supervision

Dr. Mathias Safarik

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