Supporting industrial companies on their way to a "Smart Green Factory"

Against the backdrop of the energy transition and the social task of shaping a "green economy," industrial companies are faced with the challenge of decarbonizing their processes and using digitalization to intelligently connect decentralized electrical energy supply systems, production processes, and even entire supply and value chains and control them in the sense of optimizing consumption. The holistic view of energy and material flows enables an increase in energy and raw material efficiency and thus a reduction in costs, waste and emissions.

With the new cluster service "ENERGY SAXONY ThinkTank", production companies are supported in their transformation process on the way to the "Smart Green Factory" by a technology and subsidy consulting service organized as a think tank, actor networking and centrally coordinated project implementation by experts from science and industry.


Not only energy-intensive production companies, but also the sum total of small and medium-sized enterprises will become key players in a successful energy transition process by covering their energy needs themselves in the long term with renewably generated electricity at their own production sites and at the same time, contributing to balancing volatile electricity feed-ins by making loads more flexible. Industrial consumers thus become independent of fossil energy sources and can contribute to ensuring grid stability in the new energy system.

Resource and Energy Efficiency

The global increase in demand for energy and raw materials and the associated price rises also call for a more efficient use of resources and productivity increases to ensure international competitiveness. This can be realized through the use of technology and the merger of companies into symbiotic alliances. The waste produced in the production process as well as surplus energy (electricity, heat, cooling) can then ideally be used as a resource by other industrial companies at low cost.


Via smart grids, digitalization enables an intelligent linking and joint control/regulation of decentralized electrical energy supply systems, of production processes (production technology, production and building infrastructure) to entire supply and value chains of an industrial operation. In addition, real-time data on energy and material flows can be collected by means of digital solutions and IoT applications and actively used to optimize energy use/costs in the sense of consumption optimization (load management).

Our Service for Industrial Companies: Our Think Tank assists you to become a Factory of the Future!

In the ENERGY SAXONY ThinkTank, we take a holistic look at the measures to be taken in your company to increase energy and resource efficiency and reduce emissions, costs and waste in a panel of experts from research and industry. We network you with expert consultants, technology and service providers and identify suitable funding programs for you to finance the project. This is done in a structured, efficient and centrally coordinated process in which we accompany you from the very beginning:

Step 1: Call for Challenges

Energy Saxony regularly calls on industrial companies to submit their technical objectives and problems as well as requirements for desired technology changes in the form of a short presentation by the next deadline and carries out a thematic pre-sorting of the submitted contributions.

Step 2: Challenge accepted

If the submitted challenges are suitable for the ThinkTank, the industry customer is admitted to our network as official cluster member (membership application). The membership fee finances the organization and coordination of the ThinkTank. The amount of the annual membership fee depends on the number of employees (contribution order).

Step 3: ThinkTank Kick-off

Energy Saxony organizes a panel of experts (face-to-face or online event) in which the submitted tasks are presented. The group of participants, consisting of representatives from research and industry, jointly discusses solution approaches and uses the principle of swarm intelligence. Energy Saxony moderates the discourse and documents the results.

Step 4: Solution approach

After successful follow-up of the kick-off by Energy Saxony, the industrial customer receives a concept with technical solution proposals, price estimates and funding program proposals for financing support. Upon commissioning, the contract management with the involved actors is handled centrally by Energy Saxony, if desired.

Step 5: Implementation

For the realization of the joint project work, Energy Saxony provides digital tools and coordinates the cross-company cooperation within its working groups. In the case of large-scale projects, an overall project manager is commissioned if necessary. In addition, Energy Saxony supports in communication with potential funding bodies.

Step 6: Reporting

With the implemented projects, reallabs and best practice examples are created, which are made public by Energy Saxony with media impact. Our PR work ensures that industry players are regularly informed about the ThinkTank activities and that the emerging projects gain visibility on a national and international level.

Next Call for Challenges

The first Call for Challenges starts on 01/05/2021 and ends on 31/08/2021.

During this period, please send us an informative short presentation on your company and your objectives, which are to be implemented with technological solutions, by email to We are looking forward to your contributions!


Who can participate in the ENERGY SAXONY ThinkTank?

The ENERGY SAXONY ThinkTank sees itself as an open think tank, where basically all stakeholders can contribute with ideas and solution proposals. The established cooperative relationships with other clusters, such as Biosaxony e. V., Silicon Saxony e. V., buildingSMART Deutschland e. V., Cluster IT-Mitteldeutschland e. V., VEE Sachsen e. V., Smart Systems Hub, VEMASinnovativ or the BDEW (list of ENERGY SAXONY partners), thus also enables the option of consulting cross-industry expertise in the solution of concrete technical problems.

Participation in the final project realization within the ENERGY SAXONY working groups (step 5) is open to all members of Energy Saxony e.V.

How to become a cluster member

Why everyone wins with the ENERGY SAXONY ThinkTank

With the joint development of solutions, developments can be advanced for the benefit of society and questions about the future can be answered. The ENERGY SAXONY Cluster Service creates win-win situations for all players involved, which are also accompanied by positive income effects:

  • Building sustainable regional value chains
    If companies are supported in organizing their energy and material flows more efficiently and increasingly in accordance with the principle of a circular economy, while increasingly integrating renewable energies, more sustainable regional value chains will be created for the simultaneous benefit of the environment and the economy.

  • Securing a resource- and climate-friendly energy supply as a competitive advantage
    The expansion of decentralized plants for the generation of energy from renewable sources on the premises of Saxon industrial companies can help to reduce import dependencies on fossil fuels for industry. The combination with energy storage and energy-flexible production ensures a sustainable energy supply for industry and offers the possibility to develop competitive advantages in the national and international environment.

  • Funding Support
    Particularly for small and medium-sized industrial companies, the service offers valuable assistance in obtaining funding to implement technological innovations to reduce their energy consumption, emissions and resource use.

  • Science transfer
    By involving scientific actors, a contribution is made to the transfer of science into concrete economic applications. Researchers are given the opportunity to test and optimize their developments in a practical environment.

  • Sales and economic promotion
    The implementation of the concepts offers network players the opportunity to market their service and technology offerings and generate sales, which in turn strengthens Saxony as a business location overall.

  • Best practice examples to be copied
    The implemented projects create real laboratories and best-practice examples that are disseminated to the outside world with media impact. This may also inspire other industrial companies to implement similar solutions in their own production halls.

    Do you have any questions or suggestions?

    We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to advise you in a consultation meeting.

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