Hygiene Concept

The following hygiene rules apply to the organization of events by Energy Saxony e.V. at the Bioinnovation Center at Tatzberg 47 in 01307 Dresden:


All participants will be informed about the hygiene and distance rules in advance as well as on site. Anyone who feels ill or shows symptoms should refrain from participating. The registration of the participants enables a follow-up. If, despite the hygiene concept, an infection should turn out to be present afterwards, all participants will be informed immediately by Energy Saxony.

Safety Distance

As part of the event concept, increased emphasis is already placed on larger conference rooms and sufficient distance between seats. The booked conference rooms offer sufficient space to be able to maintain the minimum distance according to the applicable hygiene regulations. A fixed seating arrangement will be observed during the event. As part of the hygiene concept, care is taken to ensure that the distance between participants is at least 2 meters.

Indoor air quality

Before and after the events and during breaks, the event rooms are adequately ventilated by supplying fresh air. The SASOO room air purification unit from ULT AG is used to reduce viruses in the room air. With the integrated HEPA filter, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other suspended matter are filtered out of the room air with a separation efficiency of 99.995 %.

Hygiene measures

Disinfectant dispensers are available at the event. Physical contact, such as a handshake, is avoided. Hygiene areas and contact points such as door handles are cleaned and disinfected before and after events.

Mandatory wearing of masks

The wearing of a mouth and nose protection outside the assigned seat is mandatory. If a participant forgets his or her mask, disposable masks will be provided free of charge. After taking the seat, the mask can be removed in accordance with the applicable hygiene regulations due to compliance with the minimum distance.

Gastronomic supply

A catering concept ensures that all meals offered as well as the coffee breaks comply with the prescribed hygiene standards. For this purpose, Energy Saxony exclusively commissions catering providers who meet the legally regulated hygiene requirements.

Status: as of 30th March 2021