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Saxon Competence Center for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology

ENERGY SAXONY drives the development and marketing of future cutting-edge technologies in the fields of energy conversion, storage and efficiency and initiates projects with its members to ensure a clean energy supply and mobility. Hydrogen as an energy carrier plays a key role here, as it enables medium- and long-term storage of electrical energy and thus cross-sectoral use of volatile renewable energies. It is produced by the electrolysis process, in which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of solar, wind and biogas electricity. The "green hydrogen" produced in this way is used, among other things, as a fuel to power zero-emission fuel cell vehicles, which offers advantages such as short refueling times and undiminished range, especially for vehicle fleets with high mileage in local and long-distance traffic. Via the existing gas infrastructure, green hydrogen can be distributed as an admixture or in methanized form as "synthetic natural gas" and used to couple the power sector with the heat and transport sectors. Green hydrogen as an energy carrier thus paves the way for the energy transition and CO2-neutral mobility. In Saxony, numerous lighthouse projects are being developed for this purpose as part of the "HZwo Innovation Cluster" supervised by ENERGY SAXONY and HZwo e.V.

Saxon Innovation Cluster for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

HZwo e.V. and ENERGY SAXONY formed a consortium as INNOVATIONSCLUSTER HZWO in April 2018 to establish a supply infrastructure for green hydrogen and component development for fuel cell vehicles in Saxony, with funding of €1.6 million from the Free State of Saxony. The cluster combines the expert knowledge of Saxon companies and research institutions in the fields of fuel cell technology, hydrogen and energy technology, vehicle drives, manufacturing and production technology, and special machine and plant engineering. The technologies, processes and project results developed in the network also contribute to strengthening key competencies in the areas of mobility, life science, mechanical engineering, microelectronics/ICT, and environmental and energy technology, and thus also to sustainably securing jobs in Saxony.

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Supply infrastructure for green hydrogen

  • Energy Saxony accompanies the cluster members in the field of green hydrogen as a consortium partner.

  • The objective is the identification, planning and realization of a large number of economically attractive use cases, especially in the areas of mobility (rail transport, bus and car fleet operators), agriculture, industry, airports and buildings.

  • In addition to the development of new user groups for green hydrogen, the establishment of a Saxon supply infrastructure and the targeted networking of industry players, Energy Saxony assumes the function of a central advisory office on the subject of hydrogen technology in Saxony.

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Members of the innovation cluster HZwo

Energy Saxony e.V. Members


HZwo e.V. Members


The clusters members are supported by Energy Saxony with individual services tailored to their specific needs:

  • Matchmaking: Assistance in finding cooperation partners

  • Project planning: Detailed preparation for the project implementation, organization of  project meetings

  • Financing: Fundraising research (private and public)

  • Representation of interests: Dialogue with political decision-makers and authorities

You wish to participate in the Innovation Cluster and find suitable use cases for your offered technologies in specific projects? All members of the Energy Saxony association may join our initiated projects. Please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Saxon Parliament.