WindNODE Benchmarking

ENERGY SAXONY is conducting a benchmarking study on the progression of the energy transition in Europe, to bring together partners of WindNODE and pioneering projects just like yours

We are using our expertise as coordinator of a permanent cooperation network for Saxony’s energy sector to assist the WindNODE smart energy showcase in its internationalisation efforts, in tapping into unused synergy potential, communication and refining its public image. The benchmarking study, which is based on a methodology that we designed specifically to be applied to consortium projects like WindNODE, and that is firmly based on European cooperation and mutual assistance instead of competitiveness, utilises an array of quality characteristics to turn the results of the WindNODE project into a politically potent narrative in the European context. Furthermore, this cooperation-focused method enables targeted international matchmaking between benchmarking partners and the 70 partners of WindNODE who represent a variety of businesses and scientific institutions.

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Why should you consider taking part in our study?

  • You will be able to profit from individual, custom-fit networking with leading German energy businesses and institutions.

  • Your ideas and concepts will be promoted in Germany and the WindNODE region via our established communication channels.

  • Your solutions and concepts will be showcased in a politically visible study on relevant best practices in the current stage of the energy transition.

  • You will be given the opportunity to present your ideas directly at selected WindNODE events.

  • Project or initiative in a European country (except for Germany)

  • Project completion or introduction of measure in 2015 or later

  • Any of the following key themes:

        * Pilot region focussing on the integration of large amounts of wind power
        * Flexible energy consumption in industrial, business, retail, or housing
        * Virtual power plants
        * Redesign of energy market mechanisms to allow for the trading of
        * Electrification of the heat and transport sectors
        * Digitisation of the distribution grid
        * Second life concepts for battery stacks

  • If you want to participate in the study and benefit from the multitude of professional contacts WindNODE has to offer, you are welcome to contact us (details below). We will need you to send us a short profile of your project (time frame, region, objective, achieved or anticipated results). You have the opportunity to register for participation until July of 2020.

  • We will allocate your project to corresponding WindNODE initiatives based on thematic focus.

  • We analyse the progression reports from both your project and the corresponding WindNODE initiatives and offer feedback on exchange and cooperation potential.

  • The study will be completed at the end of 2020.


WindNODE is subsidised by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi) as part of SINTEG (Smart energy showcases – A programme for funding showcase regions for the energy supply of the future)